Superbowl Party Food: A Recipe Roundup

I love football and have been gearing up for the big game in February. Unfortunately, my team will not be making the trip to the Superbowl since they lost to the Broncos last weekend. Boo.

But that just means I get to enjoy the party and watch the game stress free! And I’m really just trying to make myself feel better by saying that because I won’t be watching the Pats…

Anyways, whether your team is playing or not, there will be food. There will always be food at a Superbowl party. And football party food is often the star of the show, especially if your team is not on the big screen. I put together a great list of awesome Superbowl party foods (more…)

10 DIY Christmas Décor Ideas

I love Pinterest. Picture after beautiful picture of mouth-watering food, fabulous outfits and DIY projects that can turn anybody into Martha Stewart. I’ve tried several DIY projects, some more successful than others. I’ve started a Christmas board for all things Christmas related. Several of my pins are for DIY projects that I wish I had time to try! One day I will get through this list but for now, let’s just say it’ll be a Christmas miracle if I get them done! Here are ten projects that I’m just dying to do!

diy christmas decorations

DIY Painted Glass Bottles


10 Adorable Christmas Cloth Diapers

I love themed cloth diapers. Especially Christmas themed diapers! They are beyond cute. If you’re not into the Christmas spirit yet, take a look at these little cuties and you know it you’ll be sipping some hot chocolate and hanging your stocking with care. Here’s a little round-up of my favorite Christmas themed diapers:

Tots Bots Gingerbread Man

Tots Bots Gingerbread Man


Time for a Long Over Due Update

So… it’s veen a wicked long time since I’ve posted. And I mean a really, really long time. Life just seems to keep me busy, on my toes and away from the computer. Such is life with a toddler, eh?

Speaking of life, I’ve got some exciting news…. (more…)

How to Repel Bugs with Vinegar

I hate mosquitos. They’re awful blood sucking buggers. I’m sure they’re important to the eco-system some how but I still hate them. I’m one of those people who gets bit all the time. I’m that person in the crowd that mosquitos are drawn to. Good for other people, bad for me. I used to use the regular old name brand deep woods bug repellant that everybody knows. But now I’m don’t like using it because the chemicals in it make me a little uneasy. Not to mention, Babycakes is always rubbing her hands on my arms and those hands are always in her mouth! There’s no way I want to wear a chemical based (external use only) product that is highly likely to end up in my toddler’s mouth. So what’s a sweet-skinned girl like me to do?!

Vinegar. (more…)

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